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If you're searching for a clothing brand that celebrates the beauty and sensuality of burlesque, look no further! Our women's clothing brand offers high-quality, stretch cotton lycra pieces that are perfect for channeling your inner burlesque diva. From corseted skirts and bra tops to sultry dresses and accessories, our collection has everything you need to unleash your inner burlesque beauty. Shop now and embrace the allure of burlesque!

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Missbestore Women Burlesque Fancy Festival Party Ruffled Mini Skirt. Size: S/M,  Color: Brown, Asymmetrical, wide stretchy waistline. Stretch cotton lycra and lace. Two layers of overlapping pleats. Hand-made brass beads brooch on the side. Burning Man. Pole dancing. Performers. Rock n roll n soul. Rockstar clothing. Steampunk fashion. Ref:015